Samantha's Quest Pt. 01

When Samantha was a young girl a priestess by the name of Nataly had visited her village, curing their crops of the blight that would have ruined them among numerous other wonders. Samantha asked of Nataly, "Can I grow up and have the power to help people like you?" Nataly replied, "We all have the power to help people, the goddess merely helps." From that day onward she decided she wanted to be a priestess too. Of course, back then she had not really understood what that decision meant.

Now, 6 years later, and very far from the quiet village of Averglen, Samantha was standing straight as she could and doing her best not to peek sideways at the other girls. They stood in a line facing the high priestess as she lectured them. Some of the girls positively emanated pride while others looked as if they feared they might be struck.

"...For the Goddess asks much and gives little" The high priestess continued, the dark blue dress that symbolized her office flowing elegantly as her words struck bluntly.

"The life of a sister, let alone a hopeful is one of service and dedication, not ease and slothfulness!"

She raised her chin slightly at the last word, now looking at the girls with some degree of menace as she paced back and forth

"You will be required to perform any service your goddess asks, even die at her request," She warned, her blonde curls swaying as she turned sharply.

"Many women naturally do not feel any lust for their fellow women, so I will now cast upon you the blessing of Alene, which will break down any barriers you may have to being intimate with your sisters. Take notice of each other's bodies, and share each other not jealously, for lust is the seed of love."

As she finished speaking the high priestess began to weave the spell, clutching the hand of her second priestess and closing her eyes. 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘴𝘦𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘥 priestess behind began a low chant, a soft blue glow emanating from the high priestess' hands and culminating in a flash of white light. Samantha could feel the energy of the spell entering her, an almost painful tension, but she did not resist, and it was over quickly, the spell filling her feeling almost like a shock of electricity.

Samantha did not feel any different. She turned to look at her fellow hopefuls, but they too wore confused unaffected looks.

"You will not feel anything right away" The High Priestess interrupted their thoughts. "but you will soon yearn to take pleasure in each other."

Sam blushed at the thought. The sexual dimension of priestesshood was still somewhat embarrassing for her. Spell or no spell She wasn't even sure she could love another woman in the way Alene required.

"I hope none of you will disappoint the goddess. You are hereby welcomed into this temple as Hopefuls of Alene. Love be with you."

The girls were then given plain tunics to wear, and led away to be shown their quarters and duties. They were led to a cramped dormitory, all of them staying together in a small room lined with bunk beds.

Samantha sat alone on her bed organizing her things while the other girls talked in hushed tones. Sam had never been good at making friends.

A stocky girl with black hair and rough callused hands suddenly slammed her bag on the bunk above Sam's.

"Mind if I take this one? I'm Jess" she said in a country accent and with as little shyness as the confident movements of her body suggested.

"Sam" she almost whispered trying to put on a weak smile. The warm smile Jess returned instantly put Sam at ease. Jess started arranging her things on the bed above.

"I can tell you ain't one of the stuck-up ones. Lots of these girls" she waved an arm at the whole room "think they're better than us."


"Yeah, us country types. you ain't from the city either are ya? Though you talk like ya are."

"Oh, no I'm from a village in the mountains. Averglen."

"I thought so. out there they don't much like Alene, women loving women and that do they?"

Sam was becoming entranced by the motion of Jess' long black hair as her arms moved.

"No, but a priestess visited my village once and she saved us. I wanted to be a priestess ever since." she said distantly, looking at the face of this pretty country girl.

"Oh, so ya always liked girls then?" Jess asked bluntly.

Sam went scarlet and looked away.

"No! ...I mean I don't know. I never thought about any girl like that before..."

"Me either. So, this spell is going to make us want to do things to each other right..."

Jess mused casually.

Instantly embarrassed again Sam folded her arms and looked down. "yeah..."

"I never liked a girl before neither." Jess said airily while unpacking her things on the bunk above.

Jess suddenly sat down by Sam and looked her in the eye. Sam felt a tingling she had never felt before when looking at a girl and suddenly Jess being this close made her hot and cold all over.

"I could try to like a girl like you though" Jess crooned in a low voice, still with that country twang.

"Could you try to like a girl like me? Us country girls better stick together."

Jess gently placed her hand on Sam's knee. Sam put her hand on top and smiled weakly again.

"I'd like to very much" she murmured, softest of all.

Jess smiled that warm smile.

Sam was certainly glad of Jess when their duties started.

First, they undertook what seemed to Sam to be all the menial work of the temple, washing the floors, preparing the food, washing the clothes, carrying water. Jess, having worked on a farm, approached it all with cheerful ease and helped Sam through it all, without ever getting upset at Sam's apparent incompetence at physical labour. At the end of the first day Sam collapsed with exhaustion into her bed and slept dreamlessly.

The next day their training began in earnest. A sister of Alene was expected to know much of medicine and astronomy, how to navigate and survive in the wilderness, and not least how to handle herself in battle. Priestess Phoebe ran the martial training and made all the Hopefuls feel like weak little lambs with her harsh blows with the quarterstaff. She did praise one blonde girl, Lily for having some potential, but left all of them including her with welts and bruises.

Physically exhausted, they then attended magic class.

A surprisingly young-looking priestess, Nissa revealed the nature of Alene's power.

"Alene draws her power from purity. All pure women can draw on a basic level of her powers with training." She waved a hand and her staff rose from the wall where it leant and leapt to her hand. "...but to truly wield it one must use the love that you feel for another." Nissa closed her eyes and intoned something inaudible, and Sam suddenly felt the fatigue of the day drain away, as well as the pain in her arms and legs. She looked down at her arms in astonishment as her bruises faded before her eyes. The other girls all murmured in astonishment too.

"such is the power of love." Nissa declared with a grin "to draw on this power you must make love with another. That is how your body can receive this energy. I see at this point most of you have not yet made love with another. Those who have remain, the rest of you return to your duties, your learning will begin once you make love to one of your sisters."

Sam was surprised that four girls remained seated when the rest got up to leave, including Lily. Had they really been doing... that already?

Stocktaking the various supplies with Jess was considered one of the easier jobs, and Sam was glad of it this afternoon. Jess was becoming more and more of a distraction however, as Sam found herself wanting more and more just to look at Her. Sam half turned while pretending to sort the items on the shelf to look at Jess. Her back was turned as she bent over a box counting the contents, unaware of Sam's gaze. And then looking made her long to touch... her long muscular legs... her ample chest, her beautiful black hair... and her lips... was that spell truly able to make her desire so intensely? Sam could not imagine Jess feeling the same way, but after the other girls were exposed in the magic class she had resolved to make her move. But now her hands were shaking. Jess couldn't possibly feel the same, could she? She couldn't possibly deserve her, with her amiable spirit and free kindness?

"Why do they need bandages when they can heal with magic anyway?" Jess muttered exasperatedly, lifting another box onto the shelf.

Sam felt herself moving as if compelled by an outside force. She stood beside Jess, who stopped and looked at her curiously. Sam found her hand reaching out for Jess's and holding it gently.

"Jess I.."

Jess simply leaned forward and pressed her lips against Sam's. She pulled back and they looked into each other's eyes.

"Spell worked huh?" Jess said flatly

"Not just the spell..." Sam put her arms around Jess' neck and pulled her in for another kiss. Sam's hands roamed over Jess' body as Jess held her tightly. Before she really knew what she was doing Sam found herself sliding down Jess, kissing all the way, until she was on her knees in front of her. She looked up at Jess, seeing her eyes half fearful half expectant. It felt so right to be kneeling below her, hands on her legs.

"Do ya know what you're doing?" Jess asked uncertainly, the timidest Sam had heard her.

"No, but I know what I want." Sam said with the fire in her voice she felt in her loins. "Do you want it?" she licked her lips, one hand moving up Jess' leg

"Yesss I want it" Jess moaned, Sam's hands crept up under Jess' tunic while she kissed Jess' thighs gently.

Sam pulled down Jess' panties and thrust her head eagerly under the other girl's tunic. Closing Her eyes. Her tongue struck home, and Sam marvelled at how good her lover's juices tasted. "Oh Sam.." moaned Jess, gripping Sam's head with both hands.

Sam pressed her lips over her lover's and set about exploring her folds,

The lovely moans coming from above encouraged Sam as she moved her tongue up to Jess' clit and begun flicking back and forth. Jess took one hand from Sam's head to try and stifle her exclamations of joy, Both Jess' thighs tensed around Sam's head and she started rhythmically squeezing with her legs as she let out barely stifled gasps of ecstasy. Suddenly squeezing her tight, the juices on Sam's tongue briefly intensified as her lover came.

Sam withdrew her head from under Jess' tunic, as Jess gasped for air and ran her hands through Sam's hair.

"Oh Goddess... that felt so good... Thank you so much for doing that to me." Jess choked out.

Sam slowly licked her lips still kneeling.

"Best thing I've ever done" She replied looking up into Jess' eyes.

It was true. Sam felt like she had found Her purpose, such a powerful sense of rightness and satisfaction had she felt when Jess came under her tongue. Sam's dreams of helping people like Nataly helped her village seemed to fit perfectly with helping women like this. Sam could imagine dedicating her life to nothing but pleasing a woman with her mouth.

"If I knew girls were like this, I wouldn't have needed a spell..." Jess muttered pulling up her panties. Sam gave one more kiss on her thigh and rose slowly, a changed person from when She had knelt.

"It can't all be the spell. The way I felt while doing it. It felt like this is what I'm meant to do."

They kissed again, tenderly.

"Do ya want me to..." Jess began, but Sam sensed the hesitation in Her voice.

"No, no, not yet." Sam reassured Her. She found She really didn't care about Her own pleasure. Just knowing She had pleased Jess was Her pleasure. The two girls reluctantly parted bodies and went back to work, sharing meaningful smiles and glances now.


The atmosphere in the Hopeful's quarters had changed, girls now mostly paired off, speaking intimately, some openly embracing and kissing each other. Sam and Jess both lay in the bottom bunk, bodies pressed together with a new potential energy, the candles were extinguished, and they lay in darkness.

"Ya don't know what this means to me," Jess murmured between kisses

"On my farm growing up I was one of six daughters and four sons... no one really paid that much attention to me or cared about me." She started to tear up.

"Then ya go and do that for me... when you were down there, for the first time I felt like someone wanted me..."

"I needed you" Sam sighed kissing Her neck "I gave you what you deserve. You're a kind lovely person.".

Jess sobbed. "You're a blessing straight from the goddess, saying such things".

Sam held her as she gently wept and contemplated how much of an impact She could have, just from one act of love? Maybe it was true what Jess had said, and she had been sent by the goddess to make love to Jess.

At length Jess had stopped sobbing and was planting gentle kisses on Sam's neck.

Soft hands roamed Her body until one was on her belly just above her mons.

"I want ya to feel good too..." Jess breathed into her neck, pulling up Sam's tunic.

Sam merely replied with an affirmative groan. Jess' fingers found their way into Sam's panties, and gently into her body. Sam briefly worried about someone noticing them but thought similar things were probably happening on the beds around them. Sam felt that Her orgasm was not something given to her, but something offered for the taking, and She was all too happy to let Jess take it. She humped gently at Jess' fingers moving back and forth, both arms holding her lover tightly. Trying not to make any noise She gasped breathlessly into Jess' dark curls as Her pleasure built.

Unable to keep completely quiet a small gasp escaped her lips as She reached her climax, but it was quickly stifled by Jess' lips.

After Jess gently withdrew her fingers they lay there, gently caressing each other, no more words to be said.

The next morning, although Sam saw the world through new eyes, unbelievably everyone went about preparing for their morning duties as normal. Sam though it was vaguely disloyal to Jess, but she couldn't help noticing all the other hopefuls now as they got dressed and think what she could do for them. Was she really to share her love only with one? After all the high priestess had said not to be jealous, she had so much love to give!

Gazing idly as She brushed her hair Sam found herself meeting the eye of the girl who had been so praised during their hand-to-hand training, Lily. She had been caught admiring Lily's body, her beautiful blonde hair and pale smooth skin. A spark of understanding went between them, but Lily's reaction surprised Sam. She smirked, as if to say "of course". Sam quickly looked away and finished preparing herself for the day.

Like most of the other hopefuls, Jess and Sam were unabashed about their new affection, and Jess' covert touches and kisses were a pleasant distraction from the morning studies. When the girls found themselves in Nissa's magic classroom again, Sam and Jess proudly remained seated with the others.

"Welcome to those sisters who could not join us last time. Now you will start to learn the true power of Alene." The Priestess began...



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